Purchasing Recovery Literature

We look forward to providing you with a great selection of literature to purchase at the S-Anon literature table and the SA literature table.

Literature Availability

Literature tables will be open during the convention hours, and are available for individuals to purchase recovery literature at their convenience.

Pre-Order Bulk Items

We would also like to accommodate those Intergroups which would like to pre-order some bulk items in larger quantities to be picked up at the conference. If you would like to pre-order some items in bulk we must receive your order by October 31, 2017 for SA or November 15, 2017 for S-Anon. Please fill out the quick form below so we can contact you directly to fulfill your order.

Note: It is important that you pre-order your bulk items so we will have it ready for you. To ensure everyone has a chance to purchase literature, we will limit "walk up" large quantity literature purchases until the end of the conference.

Pre-Order Recovery Literature

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